What is a germ?

Behind every cold and flu symptom is a germ. Bacteria, viruses and infectious organisms are everywhere around us. They float in the air, are on our food, in our water and soil, on plants and animals and yes on our bodies too!

Many of these germs can’t harm us as our immune system effectively protects us from them. However there are many others we need to be aware of. Food borne illnesses are frequently caused by lack of hand hygiene. Food poisoning organisms are found on areas of the body that are warm and moist, particularly the hair, face/nose, hands (under nails), skin, mouth, spots and blemishes, cuts and scratches.  Staphylococcus aureus is a bacterial species that is normally present on the skin. Food handlers who don’t take the necessary hand washing precautions risk passing bacteria onto food and causing food poisoning. 

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