How to get rid of bathroom smells

How to get rid of bathroom smells

No matter if three people or twenty people use the bathroom at your work, office, restaurant, cafe, or home, it’s prone to some not-so-great smells. So, when there’s a bit of an odour lingering in the air, an air freshener can solve the problem in an instant. Air fresheners come in different varieties, from sprays to automatic dispensers, but they all do the same job: target bad smells and leave your toilet smelling fresh and clean without being overwhelming.

how to get rid of bathroom smellsWe have lots of options to make the air in your bathroom smell better than before. They will get rid of bad smells in seconds and can save you, your guests or work colleagues from feeling uncomfortable. No more leaving the bathroom feeling embarrassed by the ‘certain air’ you've left behind.

More to bathroom smells than met the eye

However, there’s more to bathroom smells than just ‘everyday use’. Air fresheners, by design, mask smells. Sometimes, however, there’s a need to get rid of the root cause of some smells rather than simply covering them.

Four very common culprits of bathroom odours are floors, drains, and toilets.

Toilet cleaners

Odours can keep hanging around toilets even if you clean the toilet bowl regularly. If smells are lingering, you may have an underlying problem. Check if the toilet wax ring is completely sealed or worn down. If it still looks sturdy, you may need to deep clean the area surrounding the toilet, including the base of the toilet and floor beneath with a bio-enzymatic cleaner. They clean with the cleaning and deodorizing power of bacteria.

Enzymatic cleaners are especially good for use in toilets, because they can eliminate smells from urine and can easily penetrate grouted surfaces.

bathroom odoursGetting rid of the smell of pee

Urine itself is sterile. While it may have an odour, the smell we most often associate with urine is actually the by-product of bacteria feeding off the urine. The right bio-enzyme product will get rid of these odour-causing critters through carefully cultivated bacteria that efficiently gobble up organic wastes. Their favourite food sources are urine residues, food waste, faeces, fats and they release enzymes to break down their meals that microbes can readily consume without emitting foul smelling by-products. When the food source is all gone, they essentially die off. The result: the consumption of urine residue from carpet, fabrics, and porous hard surfaces like grout with no smell.

Cleaning floors

Many odour issues arise because of the floors. A deep cleaning or scrubbing with an enzymatic cleaner and then a heavy wet mop with the enzymatic cleaner for three or four days in a row will do the trick. The bacteria in enzymatic cleaners can penetrate cracks, grouts and crevices to remove dirt, grime and smells that traditional chemicals just can’t get to. As an added bonus, bacteria and enzymes are left as residuals and can keep working for days, ensuring a thorough clean.

Cleaner down the drain

Drains get filled with everything from soap to toothpaste to hair and can be very whiffy. Enzymatic drain cleaners are a safer alternative that’s easier on the environment than chemical drain cleaners. Their bacteria or enzymes feed on organic waste, such as hair and food waste, that often clog drains and they don't contain dangerous chemicals that can leak into soil and water. As well as being safe to use, bio-enzymatic cleaners continue to work over time.

No more smells at yours

At Insinc we’re always here to help. If you'd like to add some pleasant scents to your bathroom, our air fresheners and powerful, safe bio-enzymatic cleaners will make a stinky toilet a thing of the past. If you would like to speak to a member of our team, simply call 0508 467 462.

Posted: Tuesday 16 February 2021