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Green Kiwi Clean Commercial Cleaning Products

Green Kiwi Clean- cleaning range

New Zealand’s best choice of safe to use and environmentally sensible, commercial, industrial cleaning and bio-remediation products.

Green Kiwi Clean provide high performing, safe to use industrial cleaning products using the latest Canadian ‘Clean Health Technology’.

Imagine an engine degreaser containing no solvents, a neutral general purpose cleaner that actually cleans, removing oil stains from concrete with a biodegradable cream, or removing fats from your grease trap and oils from your sump without using caustic or solvent products.

Green Kiwi Clean would like to help you keep New Zealand clean, while protecting and respecting both your safety and the environment.

Green Kiwi Clean also provide leading edge bio-remediation ‘Sump Safe‘ products to clean our waste streams. Using a patented mixture of non-pathogenic, naturally occurring bacteria to reduce a wide range of organic compounds. We are “replicating nature” by enhancing nature’s own remediation processes.

Clean Health Technology Products

Recent advances in science have developed for our industry a range of high performance, economical and non hazardous surfactants (the “engine” of a cleaning product) not containing traditional dangerous, and often ecotoxic chemicals. These cleaning products are available for the first time in New Zealand.

The patent holders of these products focused early research and development activities into the formulation of high performance and cost effective industrial degreasers and cleaning products that respect the health and safety of the user. The products are also non hazardous to the environment.

The products do not use traditional “green” ingredients such as citrus, ethanol  or de limonene, they in fact contain a whole range of new technology ingredients invented in Canada and America. The base surfactant for almost all the products in our current range is in the two flagship products that have passed the “96 hour static trout test”. This test requires that trout fingerlings survive for 96 hours in a dilute solution of the product.

We have exclusive manufacturing and distribution rights for these products in New Zealand. These products have been tested in the local market, and have been accepted by the central South Island market as a superior cleaning product.

Included in our current range are:

·        A neutral cleaner with enough cleaning ability to clean showers and toilets,

·         A heavy duty degreaser with an exceptional clean rinsing ability

·         A multi surface and glass cleaner that leaves a fantastic shine on all hard surfaces

·         A carpet extraction / stain remover that is also a great laundry washing liquid

·         A vehicle wash that builds a great shine also has a rinse aid component making drying time very fast

·         A product that is able to extract old oil stains from concrete.

·        A bio remediation product capable of removing hydrocarbons from water and soil. It can also be used for rejuvenation and maintenance of septic tanks and settling ponds.

Some examples of market acceptance by major users are:

·        Approval of use by Domino’s Pizza in New Zealand

·        Kiwi Rail in the Christchurch train wash after approval by Bostik International

·        Air BP for fuel tanker cleaning

·        Broadspectrum are using our products to clean Lyttelton Tunnel.