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Sustainability Policy


When Epicure Trading started in 2003 with the Green Bean Collection of sustainable wooden single-use products it was to ensure there were eco-friendly products available in a world where plastic was king.

Our policy since then has remained the same – we call it Earth to Earth, meaning that all single use items we import and sell must be able to compost naturally – without the need to find their way to commercial facilities.

Even though each of our Brands are made from different materials, no resins, no bleaches or dyes are used. Across the range there are just two items which have any plastic or bio-plastic components or coatings. However these are recyclable.

Where glue is used this is non-toxic food-safe FDA approved PVA (Polyvinyl Acetate or white glue). PVA is biodegradable.


Sugar cane is a fast growing renewable resource. Bagasse is the fibre left behind after sugarcane is pressed for its juice. Where once it used to be burned, it is now made into a soft paper. It is then mixed with water and some bamboo fibre to make a pulp which is heat moulded into the various shaped plates, bowls and cups that we offer.

No bleaches dyes or resins are used but the product is remarkably durable and can be used for hot or cold food and liquids.

WASARA is naturally compostable. Once used it can be placed, along with any food scraps into a home compost where it will begin to break down with hours.

*The definition of compostability under ASTM-D6400 certification obtained by WASARA states that the material will: 1) decompose into carbon dioxide, water, and inorganic compounds; 2) undergo extensive decomposition, losing its original form within 90 days; and 3) leave behind no toxic materials.

If it ends up in the landfill it will take longer to break down but will do so cleanly.

And most importantly if it finds its way into the waterways or ocean it will disintegrate completely.


This range is made from a variety of fast growing renewable woods or bamboo.

All the woods used for Green Bean are FSC certified. Bamboo is a fast growing renewable resource.

Wood is of course bio-degradable and naturally compostable, although it takes a while to break down, just like sticks or branches.