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Ecoware Food Packaging

Ecoware range

Ecoware provides a full range of sustainable packaging solutions that are made from abundant and renewable resources such as corn starch and bamboo fibre. We encourage you to step away from traditional oil-based packaging by switching to our future friendly packaging and become part of tomorrow, today.


We are more than just a packaging company. At Ecoware, we strive to lead the way when it comes to sustainability; that’s why we are New Zealand’s first and only carboNZero certified packaging company. We monitor and manage the entire company’s operations with a plan to reduce our carbon footprint. We offset all the carbon emissions associated with activity by investing in renewable energy projects both nationally and internationally.

Ecoware materials

At Ecoware we strive to provide you with the highest quality food packaging products available that are not only affordable, but a future friendly solution to traditional food packaging.

We design, develop and supply a full range of sustainable food packaging options that reduces consumer dependence on oil based packaging. We substitute the oil-base with abundant and renewable resources such as plant-starch and bamboo fibre.

Polylactic Acid (PLA) - Bioplastic

Polylactic acid or polylactide (PLA) is a biodegradable polyester derived from renewable plant material. We use Ingeo™ bioplastic (PLA) derived from sustainable plant resources, such as corn starch, which has a carbon footprint up to 75% less than traditional packaging materials such as PS or PET. Ingeo™ bioplastic is routinely composted every day around the world in commercial composting facilities and has Australasian Bioplastic Association (ABA) AS 4736 compostability certification.

Bamboo Fibre

Bamboo is one of the world’s fastest growing plants. Our bamboo fibre is a byproduct sourced from existing industry. The waste material is a pulp substance that is then transformed into sustainable food packaging. We control this source of raw material to ensure our products are natural and toxin free. The strength in molecular structure of bamboo provides a heavy duty and robust product.


We use only certified fibre sourced from responsibly managed forests. Paper is used to make the outer walls of our coffee cups and paper bowls. It is also the raw material of our Kraft range, which is produced through a unique process of turning unbleached, virgin paper pulp into sturdy paperboard.


Our wood products are made of birchwood sourced from responsibly managed plantations. Birchwood is known for its durability, and our advanced manufacturing process reinforces strength of the original piece of wood. It has a smooth finish, and is not known to splinter or crack.