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Cottonsoft Story

A New Zealand tissue-converting company with proven success, Cottonsoft manufactures a range of toilet tissue, paper towels and facial tissues for NZ supermarkets and commercial enterprises.

Commercial customers have specific requirements when it comes to doing business that is where Cottonsoft and Livi come in.

LIVI is well known in world-class establishments across the globe, from hospitals to resorts, restaurants to cafes, government institutions to corporate offices and schools. Currently LIVI is distributed in 37 countries across 5 continents and has maintained a common standard of excellence that places it in the upper echelons of its industry.


Cottonsoft and its affiliate APP (Asia Pulp & Paper) share the same philosophy, that is, we are committed to promoting sustainable development which is economically, socially and environmentally responsible. 

Cottonsoft are proud to support a range of community, sustainability and environmental initiatives both locally and globally. Initiatives range from rainforest rehabilitation to soft plastics recycling and Bowel Cancer NZ sponsorship. 

The Cottonsoft B2B converting facility uses world leading production technology, ensuring a modern, environmentally efficient site. Our plant has minimal waste streams, and waste paper, board and plastic are recycled.


Livi towel and tissue products are produced from Rapidly Renewable Fibre (RRF) from fast growing eucalyptus and acacia trees that flourish in warm, moist climates—and reach full height and maturity in 6-8 years, as opposed to old growth trees that can take 15-25 years to grow to full maturity. Young, fast-growing trees enable shorter harvest cycles yielding more paper from more trees on less land and in less time.


Cottonsoft Ltd is a founding member of the soft plastics recycling programme. Soft plastic packaging is not collected for recycling by councils because it can contaminate the recycling process. New Zealanders use over 1.6 billion plastic bags in the home every year. Put your soft plastics recycling in the Love NZ Soft Plastics bins. You can find locations here...


The Livi brand is PEFC certified, plus CottonSofts and Tuffy brands also have ECNZ certification. 

APP has enforced a zero deforestation policy since 2013 plus a zero fire policy protecting forestry assets since 1996.  

In addition to ensuring our products are sourced sustainably, certification also extends to safe, ethical and socially responsible work practices, both locally and via our global supply chains.