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Closed Loop are leaders in sustainability and landfill diversion. We are committed to building a circular economy by turning waste back into products that re-enter the local supply chain.

We plan to eliminate future waste!

FIGHTING THE WAR ON WASTE   We're serious about sustainability and building a circular economy. Our role is to help businesses and consumers change how they collect, treat and reuse waste. 


Our packaging products are part of a bigger picture; one where resources are not wasted but are captured after use to be recycled and made into new products again.

This vision for a strong local circular economy drives our innovative packaging solutions.

Closed Loop are pioneering the circular economy with many sustainable solutions including packaging…


-          We upcycle cups via Simply Cups into saveBOARD

-          We manage waste & sustainability for events & festivals New Zealand wide

-          We’re market leaders in sustainable waste consultancy & implementation. 

-          We exist to make things better!

-          Only providing packaging that can find an end-of-life home.