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Ardrich/Aerelle hygiene products

Ardrich is a leading manufacturer and product developer of cleaning and hygiene products serving the business to business marketplace which includes; janitorial, hygiene service, industrial supply, food- service, healthcare and hospitality sectors. Our range of products is made up of air care, hand care and dryers, specialised washroom cleaners, wet wipes and surface cleaners. Ardrich is also a specialised manufacturer and supplier of flying insect control products.

Our History and future...

Ardrich was founded in 1979 in Auckland, New Zealand and quickly became influencial in the hand dryer markets in New Zealand, Australia, SouthEast Asia and South Africa. Over the years we have expanded our restroom, bathroom range to include air care and hand hygiene products. Some of our product innovations have placed us as a leader of air care products, aerosol, non aersosol -passive, environmently friendly low VOC and of course we have a full comprehesive range of hand sanitiser products. New to the range are our organic products and cleaners which will be is an important part of our continuos product development program.