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AUTO DISH Auto Dishwash Liquid for dosing application 5L - CleanLab

AUTO DISH Auto Dishwash Liquid for dosing application 5L - CleanLab
High-performance, low foaming detergent for use in automatic dishwashers and sterilising environments. Contains sophisticated enzyme-based componentry, to assist in the removal of baked-on food solids, fatty oils, and other dried deposits. Specially formulated with increased drying qualities to provide spot-free, crystal-clear results. Effective in both hard and soft water, and contains descaling compounds to maintain the machine's scale-free operation.
Safe for the cleaning of; crockery, china, glass, stainless steel, plastics, and kitchen utensils. For use only with automated dosing systems

Use as directed with the automatic dishwasher. Typical dilution is 1 - 4mls per L. If cloudy results appear on glassware, reduce the level of detergent being dosed into the machine.

Interesting Fact:
Automatic dosing is a great way to ensure portion control of cleaning chemicals. Green Hygiene Automatic Dish Liquid has been tested and has proven safe in Septic tank systems

Low Foaming
Septic Tank Safe
Low Cost- Great Value
Plant-Based Surfactants
Breaks Down Grease & Oils

CODE: FS14-5
NZ$ 25.00 excluding GST
NZ$ 28.75 including GST
CL FS14-5
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