Bag Neck Adhesive Tape - White - Selfgard

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Bag neck vinyl rubber sealing tape. 9mm x 66m. White.

Vinyl film backing with rubber adhesive.

Tensile strength: 100n/25mm.
Elongation: 140%
Total thickness: 0.059mm
Temp resistance: 60°c
Adhesion to steel: 4.5n/25mm

Pack of 16 rolls
Carton 48 rolls
NZ$ 79.81 excluding GST
NZ$ 91.78 including GST
Carton 48
PM S350W
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Conditions of use

For best results apply self adhesive tapes between 15°C and 25°C in a dry environment. application surfaces must be dry and free from dust and particles. do not apply on surfaces treated or contaminated by anti-adhesives. do not use paint containing additives which could reduce the adhesive properties. avoid contact with surfaces containing plasticizers or other chemical agents not compatible with the tape. in cases of rough or irregular surfaces, it is better to use a tape with a higher quantity of adhesive. care must be taken with reference to removability without residue and working conditions of the self adhesive tape.

Tape storage

Suggested storage temperature shall range between 15°c and 25°c with maximum relative humidity of 65%. material shall be stored away from heat sources and possible kept in the original package, avoiding light exposure as well. when temperatures are lower than suggested, it is always required to recondition the adhesive tape to normal temperatures before use.

Tape shelf life

Self-adhesive tapes technical features are generally not permanent but remain at their best for a minimum of 12 months, if stored according to suggested conditions and avoiding extreme environmental conditions such as quick and sudden temperature changes, extremely high or low temperatures, high levels of humidity, etc

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