Latex Powder Free Gloves - Pacific Disposables

Latex Powder Free Gloves - Pacific Disposables
Pacific Disposable’s latex gloves are made from natural rubber latex. These gloves are suitable for medical and industrial use, and food handling practices, in addition to everyday use. Latex Gloves are best known for offering wearers the highest level of flexibility as well as dexterity. Because of this, they are often more comfortable for long term wear.


Carton 10 boxes of 100
NZ$ 87.75 excluding GST
NZ$ 100.91 including GST
Carton 10x100
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1. Soft, comfort, fit and less fatigue

2. Firmer grip in dry and wet conditions

3. Good tactility and elasticity

4. Latex Gloves have Strength and Durability

5. Good barrier protection against viral penetration

6. Made from renewable source of raw material (i.e. natural rubber), thus making them more environmentally friendly as they are biodegradable easily

7. Low level of extractable protein, chemical residuals and/or antigenic protein

8. Latex is a biodegradable product

9. Latex naturally offers chemical resistance

10. Latex gloves feature better puncture resistance than vinyl gloves

11. Latex gloves are used in industrial applications

12. Latex offers the best fit, feel and dexterity

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