Dog Waste Bags - BioBag - Pack or Carton

Dog Waste Bags - BioBag - Pack or Carton
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Municipal Systems

The BioBag dispenser provides the most economical system
for dispensing 100% Biodegradable Bags.  The tough green
dispenser will hold 300 bags (in blocks of 50 in cartons of
2,500 bags).  The bags are dispensed through a slot in the
face of the dispenser.  This means only one or 2 bags can
be taken at a time unlike roll systems.  The use of blocks
makes it easy and efficient to top up dispensers before
weekends and holidays.  The dispenser is made of tough
polycarbonate to withstand rough usage and is very
reasonably priced.

Remember BioBag waste bags are certified compostable
to Australian Standards.  Tests have shown the MaterBi
resin we use will break down in simulated turtle digestion.

Click here for Dog Waste bag dispenser

Roll option

BioBag waste bags are also available in rolls that can be used
individually with a handy pouch.

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