Machine Dishwashing

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Machine dishwashing detergents for commercial dishwashing machines
  • Warewashing Detergent 5L - Jasol - EC
    Automatic Feed Warewashing Detergent.
    - Biodegradable - Suited to Hard and Soft Water
    - Low Foam - No Spots, Film or Residue
    - Free Rinsing - Concentrated

    Jasol’s Environmental Choice EC13 is an environmentally responsible and superior strength
    automatic dishwashing machine liquid. With its low foaming, rinse free formula EC13 cuts
    through the toughest of soils in all water conditions, leaving your crockery and cutlery sparking clean. EC13 is made from renewable plant resources rather than oil based ingredients, is readily biodegradable and is an environmentally responsible choice for your cleaning needs.
    NZ$ 54.39 5 Litres
    NZ$ 62.55 incl GST
  • Automatic Dishwashing Detergent - GreenR
    GREEN’R AUTOMATIC DISHWASH LIQUID is a red coloured liquid detergent for automatic dishwashers and sanitiser machines.

    - Alkaline liquid and effectively neutralises fats and greases and removes all food soils from crockery and cutlery.
    - Formulated for use in soft and hard water areas and prevents build-up of hard water scale on interior of the dishwasher machine.
    - Contains corrosion inhibitors.
    - Low foaming.
    - NZFSA Approved C 31
    GREEN’R AUTOMATIC DISHWASH LIQUID is used through automatic precision dosing systems on industrial dishwashers.
    For Soft water, pump 2ml into 1 litre of water.
    For Hard water, pump 3ml into 1 litre of water.
    NZ$ 27.89 5Litres
    NZ$ 32.07 incl GST
  • Machine Rinse Aid - Green'R
    GREEN'R RINSE AID is a clear, blue coloured liquid rinse additive for automatic dishwashers.


    - Assists in preventing scale build-up due to hard water salts.

    - Ensures quick water drainage providing dry, sparkling, spot-free glassware, crockery and cutlery.

    - Economical - only requires a small dose per rinse cycle.


    - GREEN'R RINSE AID is formulated to ensure quick water drainage, eliminating water spotting and producing streak-free results on crockery, cutlery and glassware in automatic dishwashing processes.


    Automatically pump GREEN'R RINSE AID at 5ml into 10 litres of water.

    This product is intended for automatically dosed dishwashers for professional use within institutional and catering facilities, and not for use in domestic type dishwashers.

    Works well with Green'R Automatic Dishwashing Liquid.

    NZ$ 33.66
    NZ$ 38.71 incl GST

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